My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life, Interrupted

From Suzannah Kolbeck, mama to La Petite and executive director and hod carrier at HoneyFern:

You have probably noticed zero blog activity here for quite some time. On February 16th, La's father was killed in a car accident, and, for a time, she lost interest in this project (and pretty much everything else); we both spent a lot of time sitting on the window seat in our sunroom, staring out the window. As you might imagine, although we are both mostly off the window seat, we still spend a good bit of time staring out the window, and La just can't quite bring herself to blog. This project was something that La and her papa were doing together, and for awhile, she couldn't bring herself to stand next to the deck that she and her dad put on the trailer.


The tiny house is progressing, and I have continued to blog for La on the HoneyFern blog. To sum up here, we have miraculous friends who have come to the rescue, and we are looking like this:

You will have to excuse the ladders and other construction debris. To get to this point, we had several 13-hour days, and if I had to move another ladder, my arms might have fallen off. The house is nearly dried in (we still have two triangles by the dormer end to deal with, and a door to add), and we also need to find an egress window and one more window for the dressing room before we can start to side.

And in other incredible news, we found an angel roofer, Kurt Waggoner at Dr. Roof, who is going to put on the metal roofing, gratis. At first, I sort of felt this might be considered cheating a bit, but truly, very few people build a house by themself, and La can't get up on the roof anyway (safety first, plus she is scared of heights like her mama, who braved them anyway to help with the roof. We all need to do something we are scared of once in awhile. Keeps us fresh). So many giving, selfless people in the world.

We are also on pace to keep the project under our projected $5,000 budget, but La Petite has gone quickly through her Indiegogo funds. If you would like to contribute to help finish the project, you can do so via PayPal with the PayPal address Every little bit helps; $15 buys a sheet of foamular insulation, and $5 buys a can of Great Stuff foam or a 2x6 to hold up the loft. It takes a village.

We aren't giving up, but our completion date has been pushed back to June 15th. Please head on over to HoneyFern's blog to follow our progress, and thank you for your support!