My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Framing the Floor Pt. 1

Saturday was exciting! Here's how the 'plan' was written up: Thrift store junking' leaving around 9:30, Pawn shop for framing nail gun, Home Depot for nuts, bolts, drill bits and much more hardware; come home around 11:00 and put the entire frame on the trailer including the sub floor. That was the plan, but here's how it really happened: We had to clean the house before we did anything, left at 11:00(when we are supposed to start); Got to Thrift store and the shop had changed to where it was just junk; went to pawn shop and the nail gun was beat up and about $200; my father sees the Pawn shop put a nail gun an sale for $69 when brand new it is $79; go to HomeDepot and get a Husky nail gun and drill bits and the other things we need; come home and realize that the bolts are one inch too long; go back to store and switch them out; when we finally got home it was 3:00 but we had to get something done. Below I am explaining how the 'first layer' will be put on the trailer and the photo gallery from our excursion:


(Almost Finished)
(Taking a Break)
 (entering the mothership)

(A Girl and Her Drill)

(Goofing around in the Home Depot)
(Price of 2x4x16 untreated wood planks
(Price of Framing Nails)
(Price of Lag Skrews)
(Price of the Washers
(My washers)
It is going to take all of the money in my little savings jar to build this house. If anyone of you would like to help me out, donate by clicking the support button on the right hand side. Thank you

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I finally got my Double Bubble Radient Barrier EcoFoil! It arrived at about three o' clock and I was extatic! This weekend I will put the floor frame, insulation, Double Bubble, and insulation on my trailer with my dad. I can't wait! Here is a picture of what it looks like:

(The moment it was plopped on my doorstep!)

(You can see the radiant, vapor, and pest barrier, the white)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Trailer Puzzle

My EcoFoil Double Bubble is on the way; I got it for free thanks to my mother who says, ''They can't say yes if we don't ask!" I am so excited to actually start attaching things on my trailer! I purchased six 2x4x16 untreated wood planks from Home Depot (I didn't know this, but UNtreated wood is better because sometimes the chemicals in treated wood can be released and put harmful things in the small spaces of your house). Below you can see me explaining how my first layer of materials is going to be placed. Making a house is like a complicated puzzle!

By the way, TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I am so excited. I get to see family! I will be taking lots of picture on my way there! Happy Holidays! And for those like my family (who celebrate multiple holidays)...Happy Hanukkah!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Support America

Because it is the Christmas season, I thought I would share with you a little thing each person can do to get our economy on track. I was watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and found out that the average American spends around $700 each year on Christmas presents. I know Jesus encouraged giving, but by golly!

I also learned that if we spend just $64 on American-made items we can create 200,000 jobs, so buy, buy, buy (useful things of course)! Many things are made in America, but they are under the shadow of foreign-made goods, so I thought I should help you out: Whitman's Chocolate, Blacksmith CoffeeSundance leather, and Two Sisters are made in America. If you would like to see many more shops and products that are made in America, click here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frontier House

So far this week I don't have any exciting news to report, but I would like to share with you this cool project that was conducted in 2001. It is called Frontier House and I loved it! I hope you will, too.

(To watch the full episode 1 and more episodes click in the far upper right hand corner. Some are split into multiple segments)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gifts From Sponsors

Exciting news! Today Phillip Howard from Howard's Wrecker Service called my dad and told him that he was done putting outriggers on my trailer! My mom, dad, and I went to see it with our own eyes and bring it home. This is the fabulousness that is my trailer:

(from the front)
(from the back)
(sexy time)

More good news! My mother knew the trailer was almost done and we knew we had to get a radiant barrier on the bottom of my trailer to deflect rodents and condensation and heat (oh my!), so she contacted EcoFoil and asked if they would be willing to donate some radiant barrier, and they said YES (supposed to be here this Tuesday)! We were very happy. We just got 500 sq. ft. of radient barrier for FREE, and it will help my tiny house instrumentally. As soon as it comes I will post more pictures, I promise. Now it is just time to put a deck on my trailer and get the shell of my house on so I can work through the winter. I am ecstatic, and I can't wait to start building!

If you want to help with the build, please donate what you can through my blog (it will all go straight to the tiny house, and you get a snappy little mention on the blog, plus and invite to the open house in May 2013), or contact my mom directly!

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