My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Major Haul!

Today was a major score! We went shopping for my classmates and my small projects. I got sandpaper (three kinds, might I add), paint, and paint mixers. My paint is only samples because I don't need much. Below I'll show you all my supplies. Paints from Behr Interior and Exterior, and Martha Living  Specialty Finish. All of this was bought at Home Depot.

(The complete haul)

(Sandpaper and sticks)
(My paint colors)
Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture...but my mother saw the paint with the totally blue lid and picked it up and shook it; it did nothing. She shook it again and splattered paint over Home Depot's floor. Way to go, Mom. I love you, though.
We also went to Atlantis Hydroponics for our brand- new student who is growing plants hydroponically. The dude there was awwesome. He gave us a rubber tree, an aloe vera, some NASA tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits grown hydroponically. If you don't know what hydroponic means, you can go to the Atlantis Hydroponics website; they will tell you all about it. The man that helped us even told us that we can take a field trip there, or he can come to us, and he invited us to visit his personal greenhouse about five miles away from HoneyFern. AMAZING! What did you do today? I love my school!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making My Bird House

Today I learned how to use a jig-saw by cutting the sides for my camper birdhouse! These are just a few pics from the experience...I'll start from the beginning.

(My plan for the birdhouse)

(As you can see, my dog is so helpful)
(That's me drawing...with the weird face)
(My finished, cut-out board)

(And of course I need a snack after my days work)

I also picked out a licence plate from the '80s for my roof So excited, but the one thing holding me back is sandpaper. We have none...thanks, Dad.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Follow My Friends!

Please, everyone, follow these awesome people!

Go Kart Go

This kid is amazing! He is building a go-kart from scratch, and he is hilarious! We both go to the same school, which brings me to the next awesome blog...

HoneyFern School

This is my teacher! She is the fabulous person who introduced me to tiny house movement and is allowing me to build a tiny house. She also has a blog...

HoneyFern's Blog

Vintage Teardrop Bird House

I just recently built my veggie oil heater as one of my small projects; my next small project is to build a bird house! I don't want to build a plain, cookie cutter bird house; so I decided to build one exactly like this...

vintage camper birdhouse

I shamefully stole the design from this website, but I hope to build some with a few twists and sell them to raise money for my humble home.

Does anyone have any ideas for what my next small projects could be?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Completed Vegetable Oil Heater

This is my completed Veggie Oil heater! Enjoy!

ps. I got some great news today; I can't say more now, but stay tuned for details in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vegetable Oil Heater

Just started my veggie oil heater! Let  me show you how I did it in a few 'short' videos!

(Drillin' a hole like a boss)
Now here's me setting the can into a concrete base...
(My devoted father)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gettin the Word Out

Thank you Mini House Builder for making my day.

In the morning, I wake up, get a cup of coffee, get some breakfast, and then I check my email and La Petite Maison. When I was checking how many views I got, I also saw where the views come from last, called trafficing sources. I saw a new source! Usually it's just Facebook and HoneyFern, But I saw a new site, Mini House Builder! I wasn't farmiliar with the site, so I clicked on the link, and it went strait to Austin Hay's blog! Austin started building his tiny house in 2010, you'll see him in We the Tiny House People, now he's 17 and his house is finished! He has open houses a lot, so check out his blog for the next upcoming one!

Jay Shafer says that Austin is the youngest tiny house builder that he knows of, I want to change that! Please, get the word out about me!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Story of Stuff

I have some exciting news to tell!!! First of all, remember Howard's Wrecker Service? Well, we took the trailer (very rusted and homemade) to him and he told us he would put outriggers on! We first have to try and get some of the rust off by sanding it down, then we have to buy the steel for the out riggers, but we can go to shops where they have extra steel, maybe we could possibly get some of that scrap. Then the owner of Howard's will weld the steel in place, and he will give it a special finishing paint to stop it from rusting further. It is a wonderful thing!

Since that is about the only major thing that happened with my home, I will leave you with a moving video that will make you want to live simply too. It's called The Story of Stuff, and it helped me realize, we need to help our planet.