My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Question

Because of the need to get away from my parents, I started to research the topic of building a tiny house, but as I dug more deeply, I realized I was building my tiny house for the same reason pioneers moved west, away from their families: I want independence.

That is the American Dream, right? To have independance.

When I told my softball team I was building a tiny house, all of them said, "Why don't you just buy one?" I was apalled.

At first I thought,'I won't buy a tiny house because it would cost a lot of money,' then I thought, 'Because it would be fun!' But then I realized that those reasons weren't why. Buying a tiny house would mean I was dependent on a mega-superstore to build my house; I would be dependent.

Tiny houses, in my opinion, symbolize freedom and independence; you peel away all of the accumulated stuff (blog on stuff to come soon, you might want to set aside some time for that. I've got a lot to say.) and then there you are...the real you.

Why am I so caught up in this tiny little question?

Because I've always been dependant.

My dependance comes in many ways: my mother making dinner every night, my alarm clock every morning, my father for technical problems. I am always dependant! So the one time I try to be dependent...I get shot down by my friends(I can leave my family out of this because they support me 110% in whatever I choose to do).

But maybe not; am I really discouraged, or has this one question given me a driving force to complete my project? Sometimes the answer is in the question.

On a less deep and contemplative note, I am moving onto blueprints! And after that, material gathering! Shockingly, I might even get a major material this Labor Day; my family and I are going to visit one of my mom's BFFs, Luke Bair (he owns an organic farm and sells vegetables and heritage pork to the public, so look him up!),  on his 100-acre farm in West Virginia. He is generously donating a gently used 6'x16'(we think) trailer on which I will build my house and live happily ever after.



  1. Oh yes do build it! Even if it takes a long time, just do it. Because the experience of building it will be a really good one. Because staying in it will be amazingly good fun. Great blog, I loved it!

  2. holy cow you are wise beyond your years girl!