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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What a Fiasco!

I have an unbelievable amount of things to talk about, so get ready.

First, I will start with where we went and why: we went to Orlando, FL to go to a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop and see if we were on the right track in the building stage. We expected a fun, non-stressful weekend; is that what we got? Of course not!

Our first fiasco happened when we were looking for a cheap hotel to stay at. Cheap and clean rarely go together in Orlando, FL. After about 30 minutes in a gas station parking lot looking at hotels in the coupon book we got at the first rest stop in Florida we decided on one that was $40 a night. Not a great hotel, but it would do for a night (we found another one but it was fully booked that night so we would move the next day). We arrived at the hotel and went to our room. It was very noisy because it was next to a water fountain. We went to the front desk and switched rooms. This one was quiet and it would do. My mother and I got in our beds and started to read when we hear : DRIP....DRIP....DRIP. You've got to be kidding. There was an active leak in our hotel room. That was when we decided to switch hotels. It was 11:00 when we walked into the lobby of the amazing hotel. We went and saw the room and it was fabulous. We got all settled and staying in there was like staying at the Ritz Carlton compared to the other place.

When we get to the first day of the workshop we each stood up and gave an introduction to ourselves. When it was my turn I said I was in the building stage. I have the deck on my trailer and I'm ready to find out what's next. Jay Shafer then asked me how old I was. When I said twelve the whole room gave me a round of applause. I was embarrassed and flattered at the same time. My mother whispered to me, "Don't get a big head." I was then brought back down to earth.

Many things at the workshop I knew already, but I am at the building stage where everybody else was just considering. I recommend it for those that are still in the beginning stages and considering. We talked about an array of things including the seven principals of design and a talk from Austin Hay. The funniest thing that happened was a retired woman stood up and said, and I quote, "I have to leave early, but if any of you would like to start a community of tiny houses my e-mail is blank blank at blank blank. Thank you!" She said this right after Paul, the man who got the entire thing together, said the same thing. People, people, people...

I now have $1,425 on my Indiegogo campaign. Seventy-five dollars more and I will be at my $1,500 goal. I want to send a thank you to Orr Partners. Even in hard times they are supporting education and the community. They sent $250 which is a major help. That can buy me so much wood and other supplies I will need.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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