My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Resource Review

Latley I have been thinking, 'If I wanted to build a tiny house and I read this blog, I don't think I would be able to find many resources that would help me.' Well you are saved! This list will fill you on great resources.

We the Tiny House People 

This documentary by Kirsten Dirksen is amazing! I cannot reccomend it highly enough. It may not help you build your house; but it will give you idea on what to put in it. The documentary will also explain why people live in tiny homes. I cannot reccomend this video highly enough.

Deek Diedrickson

This guy is amazing! He is hilarious. Instead of building fancy tiny homes, Deek builds homes just big enough to lie down in out of recycled materials. These homes are perfect for little forts for kids, of for a camping trip. Maybe not necesarily to live in, but fun to build.

House Plan Guide

This is a wonderful site if you want to build a more formal home. This tutorial is for how to build homes that are 4,000 sq/ft; but you can easily adapt it to a 80 sq/ft home. That is exactly what I did.

Get Satisfied

This book is about how 20 people "just like us" simplify their life. This book is wonderful. The only think I don't like about the book is the last chapter.  Even when he realizes that he cannot live his life like he used to he ends up living in house that still is ginormous. I don't think he really simplified his life. This guy has a whole bunch of money, he has his own airplane, a ginormouse house, then he loses his job, he continues to say throughought the entire chapter he says, "You cannot understand how hard this was for me and my family." No, no I can't. He continues to try and live his fancy life style without a job. That is not going to happen.Post a comment on what you think about this guy.


  1. Poor fellow neeeeds his airplane.. I can understand how drastci forced life changes are difficult, but then I've been a MH counselor intermittently for 30+ years. But it isn't about removing bits of a lifestyle, it is about creating a *different* one. He lacks a certain amount of understanding himself.

  2. Thank you for this list, will be checking these out and so much THANKS for SHARING this blog!!! I feel so inspired by you!! I heart Deek also he's my fave Tiny House dood so far. Pouring over Tiny House everything while I set out on my own project to build a Tiny Home with my son also a Life Learner, 8!(LOve the links to your Unschooling School!@!!!) So excited to see you progress! And that Tiny teardrop trailer birdhouse is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!!!! You are amazing!I will share with you a link to another Unschooler I know of, a young woman in WA state 16 I think also working on her tiny house now!!! Amazing world this is!! So impressed. Thanks and Bestest, Maggie