My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

West Virginia

 Over Labor Day weekend my family and I went to West Virginia to see Luke, the organic farmer. He told me a few weeks before that he would give me a trailer. I was comunicating to Luke through my can see this is going in an unfortunate direction. At first I was told that my trailer was 6x16ft, so I completed my blueprints and floor plans and house model, thinking my house was going to be 6x16ft. Then I heard my trailer was 8x14ft. That was bad and good news; I was going to have to do all of my process again, but I had a much larger house. So I did my process all over again...

On Friday we drove the EIGHT grueling hours up to Luke's farm. Well, the next morning Luke told me that my trailer was 8x16ft. That means I'm going to have to redo my entire process AGAIN!!!

If my trailer size changes again (which is highly unlikly because it is sitting in my backyard) my head will literally explode. My parents will have to scrape my brains off the wall.

As soon as we woke up on Saturday, 6:00 AM, in the countryside, we (me, my father, my mother, Luke, Luke's farmhand, Dana, Luke's friend, Nathaniel, and Luke's son, Wyatt) were put to work attaching a roof onto Dana's soon-to-be tiny house. I got to see another tiny house go up in front of my eyes!

When the evening fell on Saturday, the banjo and guitar came out on the porch, and the howling began! The whole house was rocking with the vibration of all of our voices together. Nobody minded the slight chill in the air from the pouring rain. Everybody was wearing T-shirts and shorts, but I was the odd man out wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. It was chilly outside.

On Sunday we (Dana, me, my mother, my father, Luke, Luke's wife Keveney, Wyatt, and Luke's daughter, Casey) were treated to a Sunday morning breakfast that consisted of bacon from their pigs, potatoes from Keveney's father's farm, eggs from HoneyFern hens, and fried cinnamon apples from Luke's mother's apple trees. The only thing I have to say about that meal

Then Sunday night we got Sundaes on Sunday. Your choice of mint-chocolate chip or chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped creme and nuts, huh huh. I never thought a sundae could taste so good; maybe it's not the sundae but the environment and tradition behind it.

This just in: A young twelve-year-old's head has just exploded. It is not sure, but the authorities suspect the cause is a trailer size change. The girl's parents are now scraping her brains off of the wall.

(Just kidding about the explosion. Not the size change, though).


  1. "My parents will have to scrape my brains off the wall." Epic quote, you're well versed for 12!