My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Major Haul!

Today was a major score! We went shopping for my classmates and my small projects. I got sandpaper (three kinds, might I add), paint, and paint mixers. My paint is only samples because I don't need much. Below I'll show you all my supplies. Paints from Behr Interior and Exterior, and Martha Living  Specialty Finish. All of this was bought at Home Depot.

(The complete haul)

(Sandpaper and sticks)
(My paint colors)
Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture...but my mother saw the paint with the totally blue lid and picked it up and shook it; it did nothing. She shook it again and splattered paint over Home Depot's floor. Way to go, Mom. I love you, though.
We also went to Atlantis Hydroponics for our brand- new student who is growing plants hydroponically. The dude there was awwesome. He gave us a rubber tree, an aloe vera, some NASA tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits grown hydroponically. If you don't know what hydroponic means, you can go to the Atlantis Hydroponics website; they will tell you all about it. The man that helped us even told us that we can take a field trip there, or he can come to us, and he invited us to visit his personal greenhouse about five miles away from HoneyFern. AMAZING! What did you do today? I love my school!


  1. Hi, just saw your blog thru tinyhousetalk website. Great to see you are going to build a tiny house! We are looking into it right now. We may just take it on for a homeschool project! I would love to see a picture of your trailer, before and after! Blessings!

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