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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities

As you may know... yesterday was Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. Of course, since I am still the age where I can pass off as a young trick-or-treater; therefore I can get pounds of free candy for minimal effort. Well not minimal in my case. My neighbor hood has the houses just spaced the right distance apart to be horrible to walk to 500 houses. Plus a lot of the houses in my neighborhood decided to leave their porch lights on and not answer the door! Just a heads up to all you adults, when you leave your lights on...have candy ready or turn your lights off! Here is a photo gallery to show you the festivities I enjoyed! What did you do for Halloween?

(My CANDY haul!)

(Crazy socks)
(My Hunger Games Pumpkin)
(Dia de los Muertos sugar skull)

(The top of my sugar skull)
(My classmate Quinn's sugar skull)
(Pumpkin seeds)

(My first place trophy)

Over the weekend my team, the 12U Georgia Titans, won our first tournament! This is not just a regular tournament win, our team is now qualified to go to a USSSA national tournament. This is also our first tournament and it is a big vode of confidence for all of the girls (including me). You are reading this blog writen by the catcher that threw the last out to win our game. No biggie...

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