My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tiny House Conference Wrap-Up

Standby for a wrap-up: stats, facts, and figures about La Petite Maison. We just got back from the tiny house conference and I have a few things to finish up on the house, but I will post a total budget, a better video, and lots of pix!


  1. Felicitaciones,..!! Muy Bella tu casa nueva. Disfrutala,

  2. Amazing build! I loved reading your story. We are currently building our own tiny home just south of Atlanta. We cannot wait to move in. You are an amazing inspiration to those who think they can't do it.

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    2. Hey Chrissy...we live in Monroe (east of Atlanta by Loganville). Can we see ur tiny house? We are wanting to build one for a family of 5 and would love to see any we can in real life! Shoot me an email if we can come see your tiny house:

    3. Thank you, and good luck on your build! It is a big job, but so worth it!

  3. Hey Sicily - I just read your story on Access Atlanta. I help organize a big event called Maker Faire Atlanta that celebrates DIY, and I would LOVE for you to bring your tiny house to our event, if at all possible. It'll be October 4th and 5th - shoot me a message at when you get a minute and let's talk!

    1. Hi-

      I will send you an email as soon as I can so we can talk more about that.


  4. Sicily, are u in Atlanta? I would love to see ur home!!! I live in Monroe GA. U can email me at and maybe our family could come see ur tiny house? Thanks!

    1. Hi Megan-

      We aren't opening the house to the public for now, just because it is in the backyard, but when/if we have an open house somewhere I will definitely post the date and location here. It will be somewhere in Marietta, and I hope you will be able to make it. Thank you!

  5. Just read about you on BBC "Latest Headlines." Congratulations on finishing your tiny house. I wish you long life and following many more dreams!

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