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Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Exciting news! Today Phillip Howard from Howard's Wrecker Service called my dad and told him that he was done putting outriggers on my trailer! My mom, dad, and I went to see it with our own eyes and bring it home. This is the fabulousness that is my trailer:

(from the front)
(from the back)
(sexy time)

More good news! My mother knew the trailer was almost done and we knew we had to get a radiant barrier on the bottom of my trailer to deflect rodents and condensation and heat (oh my!), so she contacted EcoFoil and asked if they would be willing to donate some radiant barrier, and they said YES (supposed to be here this Tuesday)! We were very happy. We just got 500 sq. ft. of radient barrier for FREE, and it will help my tiny house instrumentally. As soon as it comes I will post more pictures, I promise. Now it is just time to put a deck on my trailer and get the shell of my house on so I can work through the winter. I am ecstatic, and I can't wait to start building!

If you want to help with the build, please donate what you can through my blog (it will all go straight to the tiny house, and you get a snappy little mention on the blog, plus and invite to the open house in May 2013), or contact my mom directly!

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  1. Good for you! I don't have a daughter but think if I did she might be like you so I will be following your progress with delight.