My humble quest to build La Petite Maison!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Framing the Floor Pt. 1

Saturday was exciting! Here's how the 'plan' was written up: Thrift store junking' leaving around 9:30, Pawn shop for framing nail gun, Home Depot for nuts, bolts, drill bits and much more hardware; come home around 11:00 and put the entire frame on the trailer including the sub floor. That was the plan, but here's how it really happened: We had to clean the house before we did anything, left at 11:00(when we are supposed to start); Got to Thrift store and the shop had changed to where it was just junk; went to pawn shop and the nail gun was beat up and about $200; my father sees the Pawn shop put a nail gun an sale for $69 when brand new it is $79; go to HomeDepot and get a Husky nail gun and drill bits and the other things we need; come home and realize that the bolts are one inch too long; go back to store and switch them out; when we finally got home it was 3:00 but we had to get something done. Below I am explaining how the 'first layer' will be put on the trailer and the photo gallery from our excursion:


(Almost Finished)
(Taking a Break)
 (entering the mothership)

(A Girl and Her Drill)

(Goofing around in the Home Depot)
(Price of 2x4x16 untreated wood planks
(Price of Framing Nails)
(Price of Lag Skrews)
(Price of the Washers
(My washers)
It is going to take all of the money in my little savings jar to build this house. If anyone of you would like to help me out, donate by clicking the support button on the right hand side. Thank you


  1. You have a good start and I think it is really cool
    I will have to check back often to see it goes.
    Keep up the hard work and good luck

  2. WHOAH!!!!! 16 footers have soared in price. WOW!

    Loved the videos. So good to hear from you Sicily and to see your dad enjoying himself. If there is one thing we have learned it is that building a tiny house is a GREAT relationship builder (although it can sometimes be a breaker too...HAHAHAH) for families. It is a time to learn together and work side by side; something that our society seems to have lost along the way.

    Keep it up. BTW - The fastened down planks look great! Job well done.

  3. Crazy how those little things can add up so much, huh!? Last time I was at Home Depot I somehow dropped almost $100 on screws and bolts, my jaw dropped! Geesh. Looking GREAT. Trust me when I say, you are not the only one who doesn't get quite as far as expected...story of my build life thus far :)

    Congrats on kickin' off your build!